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Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala | Regional Offices: México, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador

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Certificación ISO 9001 2015
Certificación ISO 9001 2015


Project Control System

Management System used for the technical, administrative and financial controls of project inversion programs and infrastructure multi-project.

Project Management System

Multiprojects monitoring system that integrates field work and office by a monitoring component field that is formed by a high-tech equipment for data collection.

Monitoring of road maintenance

It consists of a system of monitoring and supervision of road maintenance projects through qualified personnel and IT applications, which ensures compliance with the scope defined for each project.

Supervision of Civil Works

Monitoring and quality control for structured supervision and project management, able to take control of the construction processes during the various stages of implementation.

Monitoring of Municipal Projects

System that optimizes the tracking of maintenance and improvement of municipal infrastructure projects through specialized software and equipment that register in real time data recorded in the field, and send this information directly to the municipality database.