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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Management and Control of Building and Housing Projects

This system has been developed to facilitate the supervision of civil engineering projects, specifically aimed at public and private entities engaged in the construction of housing complexes, warehouses, etc..

The main driver of this new monitoring system is the implementation of mobile devices, which are equipped with software designed by Gisystems according to customer requirements, based on our experience in similar projects.

The supervising engineer uses the use of these devices for recording the progress of the work items in different construction stages, using digital forms that are sent directly to the web application in real time. Physical progress records supervisor is evidenced by georeferenced photographs, which generates a chronological history of the progress of the work.


The system has a module for monitoring and management consulting of physical, financial and term advance of works, that compares the physical progress reported in field against planned and paid advance, which is a valuable tool for senior management the project and take corrective action immediately if deviations are evident.


Due to the modular structure of the system, reports can be configured to suit the needs of the client, for example, photo report by line, physical progress, financial, time, progress percentage tabular, lines or homes that do not run according the program lines with little progress, etc..