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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Monitoring of Municipal Projects

In order to optimize the tracking of maintenance and improvement of municipal infrastructure projects, Gisystems has implemented and eqquiped supervisory personnel specialized software in smartphones for recording real-time data collected in field. This information is sent directly to the central database of the municipality for review, thus reducing or eliminating the use of physical forms, which then bind the data into reports for analysis and electronic sheets.

With the implementation of system log data via mobile devices, you can get the following benefits:

  • Immediate availability of information.
  • Pictures directly related to forms or activities, which helps prevent human error in the processing office.
  • Georeferenced photographic record of the progress of projects.
  • Reduction of human errors in transferring information from physical to digital.
  • Optimization of resources, because the office staff is dedicated to quality control directly rather than typing data.
  • Generation of tabular georeferenced information, with record of date, hour and minute of the information gathered. .
  • Communication system between the different stakeholders involved in the work: contractor / supervisor / client, etc.. since all are involved in the registration, updating and monitoring of the various construction stages.
  • Access to the current state of the physical and financial progress of the works

The project monitoring is done by the inventory made on foot or by a moving vehicle, which is defined according to convenience of the project. For example, to monotoring the construction of a school, the inventory is done on foot. But for a street or highway a vehicle is used, although in both cases smartphones are configured to monitor the progress of the work, by recording the corresponding lines.

All information collected in the field can be viewed and / or managed by a custom website designed according to the interests and needs of the municipality, with modules for monitoring and query the physical, financial and time progress of all active projects; it also generates photographic, chronological and geo-referenced reports to each of the executed activities.


Due to the modular structure of the system, reports can be configured to suit the needs of the client, for example, photo report by line, physical progress, financial, time, progress percentage tabular, lines or works that do not run according the program lines with little progress, etc..