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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Monitoring of road maintenance

It consists of a system of monitoring and supervision of road maintenance projects through qualified personnel and IT applications, which ensures compliance with the scope defined for each project, to monitor all activities from initial stage to final delivery.

To monitor the work, the system has the following components:

360° video

Innovative 6-lense camera system that integrates 360 ° images, this tool allows the user to take virtual tours on the road from his office and allows the assessment, design and planning of the actual needs of the project.

Moving Inventory

The system allows real-time storage of damage in existing roads and executed amounts, generating on the web server a videographic georeference database, in which the user can verify the work amount generated by the contractor. In addition, it also registers the incidences observed during monitoring for authorities to take appropriate actions for disposal or for analysis and programming .

This system consists of the following basic equipment: Laptop, programmable keyboard, high resolution video, GPS and specialized software that integrates all devices that record the completion and damages in real time.


Record of completion via smartphones

This new technology has been implemented to help field supervisors make a photographic record of the work progress in real time through a specialized software installed on smartphones that records all progress and impact and sends them in real time for immediate consultation with the authorities. All information submitted is registered with time, date and geographical location, allowing not only highlight the work performed, but also its location.

Monitoring and consultation system

All data, analysis and reporting of information collected can be found through detailed and management modules which include general information such as geographic location, previews, reviews, georeferenced videos, photographic history, incidents and status tracking work. Queries can be modified to suit customer requirements.