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Certificación ISO 9001 2015
Certificación ISO 9001 2015

Municipal Patrimony Inventory

This system has been developed to manage municipal infrastructure inventory in a systematic way.


The data feed is performed by automated collection characteristics of municipal infrastructure through the integration of software, hardware and human personnel with the following basic components:

  • Laptop and peripherals
  • Programmable Keyboard
  • Digital Camcorder
  • GPS
  • Data collection software specialized on urban infrastructure.
  • Evaluator Engineer, typesetter and pilot.


All data collected in the field, are digitized in real time and sent to a database in which all urban elements and their characteristics are recorded. Additionally, a base video database linked to the tabular georeferenced information is generated.

As an alternative to places where you can not travel with vehicle or further information is needed, the staff is equipped with smart phones with GPS, equipped with special software for the lifting of the infrastructure, whether urban or road, in addition to the inventory movement. The characteristics of each element are recorded by digital forms that send real-time information to the website of the municipality.

This methodology eliminates errors due to frequent typing information of physical forms.

The objective of the inventory of municipal infrastructure is to be certain about the amount of existing assets and their characteristics, in order to provide the necessary parameters for management. The municipality defines what elements and what properties they should be inventoried, for example:

  • Street and road condition,
  • Curbs, sidewalks and mounds
  • Poles, traffic lights and urban signs
  • Street lighting
  • Land use for tax purposes
  • Parks, sports fields and green areas s
  • Manholes, drains, vents and pipes
  • Walkways, bus stop, trash cans
  • Other items with their own characteristics

The system has a module for monitoring and quality control of data collected in the field. This component is vital to avoid the mistakes of the work of recording information.

The web system has several modules for inventory management, in which functions are the following:

  • Record inventory data.
  • Captured videos conversion for web visualization.
  • Exploration of all inventories. .
  • Graphic exploration of all inventories.
  • Rectification of wrongly entered data in the field.
  • Upload new inventory information, directly from the website
  • Erroneously entered information transfer between inventories.


Because of the way the information is structured and organized in the database, you can generate reports tailored to the needs of the municipality, which can be downloaded in PDF, Word or Excel format.


This are some examples of reports generated by the system: