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Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala | Regional Offices: México, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador

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Certificación ISO 9001 2015
Certificación ISO 9001 2015

Project Control System

System that manages technical, administrative and financial controls of investment programs and infrastructure multi-projects.

Our system is design as a web application in which all the implementation, management and consulting stakeholders can feed and consult the platform in order to keep the information updated and easy to check.

This allows builders and supervisors uploading project information from their workplace in “real time” and facilitates the task of management review, because the information is always up to date and is ready to access it through the web , allowing queries from any device with internet access : desktop or laptops , tablets , smartphones, etc.

The platform also possesses management screens that allows analytic and graphic consults with the following project information :

  • Projects, assignments, penalties and annual plans design.
  • Budget management, financial reporting and progress of contract performance.
  • Financial data, debt payments, etc..
  • Collection documents and their various states pending.
  • Payment requirements, validation, control bills and payroll.
  • Responsibility assignment to projects, internal and external personnel.
  • Terms and progress of projects.
  • Georeferenced photographic record of work.
  • Project execution, data-logging, observations, sanctions, details, detail of estimates, technical reports, working lines, execution periods, etc..
  • Source and application of resources, exchange documents, progress lines, clearance of projects, etc..
  • Amendments to the contract.
  • Supplier Information – Contractors and Supervision Companies Registration.
  • Management reports, reports by area, inventory reports, penalties, etc..
The system has a costume made configuration and the capacity of generating custom executive reports with information solicited by the client through a filter module. The reports can be exported to Word, Excel or Pdf format and print easily.