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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Supervision of Civil Works

Monitoring and quality control for structured supervision and project management, able to take control of the construction processes during the various stages of implementation.

The system provides information from the initial stage of the project, which should record the scope, lines of work, scheduling, segmentation sections, administrative information and contacts, and can incorporate any additional information that is relevant to the customer.

In addition, the system allows recording events like the review and verification of lines, quality control, scheduling jobs, reviewing designs and continuous recording of the execution, which enables up to date information in real time physical and financial progress of the work and helps control execution efficiently.

The system has the following main features:

Monitoring and tracking of projects

It allows detail management monitoring of all activities in the construction process, with information on physical and financial progress.

Execution Control

Control module that displays the advance of work oin the field recorded through smartphones. It allows “real time” access to all the information regarding the implementation progress of work in the field.

Quality Assurance

Seguimiento “en tiempo real” de todas las pruebas y ensayos de laboratorio realizados en el proyecto. La información es ingresada desde la toma de muestras en campo hasta la recepción de los resultados de los ensayos de laboratorio y puede consultarse actualizada en cada momento desde la página web.
“Real time” monitoring of all tests and laboratory tests in the project. The information is introduced from field sampling to the laboratory results. Updated information can be consulted at any time from the website.

Registration and issue trackers (command field)

Module that allows the “real time” query of all field orders through smartphones.



Online logbook

The use of this system allows the supervisor to record all field activities through smart phones and submit real-time database, facilitating customer access to all activities in the day-to-day project updated form.


With this technology, customers can get the following benefits:

  • Sending in real time all the information collected in the field, which prevents loss or bad fingering.
  • Photographic record directly related to a form or activity, which helps to reduce transcription errors.
  • Generación de información tabular y fotográfica con referencia geográfica de los lugares donde se realizan trabajos, bancos de materiales, levantamiento de órdenes de campo, ensayos de laboratorio, etc. Esto contribuye a disminuir anomalías por reportes de información que no correspondan al lugar indicado.
    Generation of tabular , photographic and geographically referenced information of work places where material banks, lifting field orders, laboratory tests, etc. are performed. This helps reduce information reporting anomalies not corresponding to the right place.
  • All data and pictures are recorded with date and time for the application, which facilitates the display of historical information and helps to reduce the anomalies caused by information reports that do not correspond to the indicated date.
  • “Real-time monitoring.” Immediate availability of the information collected in the field or uploaded at the office. The client does not have to wait for weeks to have the general and detailed information on the current state of the work, which facilitates the management to have progress, essays, banks, field orders, etc..
  • Record of incidents and non-conformities. Record and track all work not conforming to the specifications and requirements of the client.
  • Communication system between the different stakeholders. The system of supervision and quality control of projects enables interaction of all stakeholders involved in the work: contractor / supervisor / client, etc.. since all are involved in the registration, updating and monitoring of the various construction stages.
  • The office staff is more dedicated to quality control and not in recording field data.
  • Access to the current state of the physical and financial progress of the works.