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Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala | Regional Offices: México, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador

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Certificación ISO 9001 2015
Certificación ISO 9001 2015

Urban Road Condition Inventory

System developed for the evaluation of road networks by collecting surface damage and the condition of the artwork. Quantification of damage is done according to definitons made by the Central American Manual for Roads and Bridges Management, published and updated by  SIECA. The system records and analyzes all information and severities of damage through the PCI methodology: “Pavement Condition Index”, that generates a numerical value indicative of the condition of the pavement.

PCI Values Pavement Condition
0 – 10 Deteriorated or failed
10 – 25 Very poor
25 – 40 Poor
40 – 55 Regular
55 – 70 Good
70 – 85 Very good
85 – 100 Excellent


The inventory of street damage is done by a software that allows data collection from special equipment installed in a vehicle, consisting of the following basic components:

  • Laptop
  • Automated inventory keyboard
  • HD Video Camera. If the client requests, it can also be used the 360 degrees camera , which allows the subsequent analysis of the whole environment of the street, ensuring quality assurance work.
  • High precision GPS
  • Smartphone (Android or IPhone technology – with GPS)
  • Tablets (with GPS)
  • Technical assessor.


All information recorded in field is sent in real time to a database as the vehicle moves , the tabular information is linkedto georeferenced videographics .

To speed data logging, a programmable keyboard is used and configured with typified damages.

The inventory of damage can also be done through mobile devices in the streets where the vehicle can not enter .

Registration road condition of the streets of the municipality allows greater certainty about existing damage , which facilitates the programming of repair work adjusted to the real needs , optimizing resources.

The system has a set of modules that serve as a municipality tool in the activities of geographic and tabular review of the work performed , quality control , checking progress and virtual tours , allowing to calculate and prioritize repairs of road network according to their condition .