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Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala | Regional Offices: México, Panamá, Nicaragua, El Salvador

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Certificación ISO 9001 2015
Certificación ISO 9001 2015


Emergencies and natural disasters management

After the occurrence of Hurricane Stan in Guatemala in 2005 and tropical storms in later years, Guatemala’s government sought support from our company to implement a monitoring process multiprojects “real time”.

Project Planning and Management

We provide advice to organize your project resources, optimizing time and costs, covering design, execution and / or supervision.

Financial management

Having timely and relevant financial information can build a firm foundation to make better decisions, which in turn facilitates the physical progress of the project to have the necessary funds available.

Technology and Systems Development

Gisystems offers Informatics department with highly qualified professionals in the development of applications for monitoring, reporting , implementing, monitoring , management and monitoring of projects through web technology.

Development and implementation of “Custom made” projects

We work according to the client’s needs, focusing on providing information so that it can be consulted at the right time, providing a set of tools for recording and controlling items of work, budgets, physical progress, financial and time, damage inventory etc.

Architecture & Infrasctructure Design

Our team of experts covering all disciplines, allowing us to develop any type of design (structures, roads, architecture, river protection works and maritime and other).

Investment and Contracts Management

Confidence, leadership, support, fulfillment, loyalty are characteristics that investors seek, developers and leaders in the development of their projects, either in specific activities or in its projections along a venture.

Quality control and assurance

With regard to project supervision, assume the role of quality control of the works with the application of systems quality assurance and implementation of intelligent control systems that has developed our company.

Work supervision

Gisystems has a high tec equipment for data collection, which consists of tablets, laptops, programmable keyboards, GPS and video cameras, high-resolution video camera 360 degrees ideal for work supervisiton.

Collection of Statistical Data

Gisystems has developed systems for the generation of statistics through data collection in digital form or survey. This system facilitates and speeds up the generation of reports, as information is entered directly into the digital database.

Geographic information systems

Una importante herramienta en el desarrollo de sus proyectos, aplicable sobre todo a proyectos de gran magnitud, donde se hace preciso plantear diferentes escenarios que interactúan entre sí.