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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Technology and Systems Development

The advancement of technology has motivated the use of the Internet in all areas of business , industry, etc. . Our area is no stranger to this new technology and have been adding them to the daily chores .

Gisystems offers Informatics department with highly qualified professionals in the development of applications for monitoring, reporting , implementing, monitoring , management and monitoring of projects through web technology, which conform to the type of project and the particular customer requirements for both monitoring continuously works to consultation .

Our systems allow all involved to have access from any computer, laptop , tablet or smartphone wherever the user is located so that it can access the real-time updated information easily and quickly. Also uses the latest technology Gisystems -like Camcorder 360 – and georeferencing tools for viewing and querying of information through its own mapping information , aerial photography or third party services such as Google Maps.

Computers generate customized executive reports with the information that the user requests through a filter module , which can be exported to excel or pdf formats and printed easily . Because of this technology , it is possible to display and process a larger amount of data and avoids the need to handle printed reports , and management or senior management makes it easy to review as it is done through the web and not large bundles that are sometimes difficult to handle.

With Gisystems you will find a comprehensive solution : develop software, train personnel in the use of these and provide advice for the purchase of equipment necessary for the proper functioning of the system, either desktop or online. Our staff is constantly trained to providing cutting-edge IT services , with innovative ideas that provide both control of their projects and managing budgets and progress in implementing them.

Applications or Projects / Services

  • Planning
  • Selection of computer equipment
  • Programming
  • General computer studies
  • Information systems
  • Procedures systems
  • Process design
  • Construction management