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Certificación ISO 9001 2008
Certificación ISO 9001 2008

Project and Program Monitoring and Control

To achieve the expected results of a project while minimizing the risks , it is necessary to constantly monitor and update of work during its development. Using high-tech equipment can record all activities involved the project or program , to verify each step of field implementation, keeping track of what was done daily and comparing that fits as planned , both in quality and in time and cost .

Currently the project monitoring and control is a must for successful outcomes , given that measures its condition at all times and at every stage , and therefore its real progress.

In this area , our company has specialized in monitoring the implementation of investment programs multiprojects in “REAL TIME” . With the tools and procedures that we have , we can track a number of projects , which can add hundreds or the thousands , providing updated information in a time where the client and project managers require it , either on their personal computers , phones or tablets.

The tools available to our company , allowing the collection of historical data to record real-time data capture through mobile devices , online systems aimed at allowing immediate consultation on a desktop computer , where by applications designed according to each project activity can be generated newsgathering all kinds of statistical information that allows timely make the best decisions .

By monitoring and control can be seen managing scope , time and cost , it examines the project schedule and control have been estimated resources, quality, quantity and at the right time . It is an essential tool that helps to keep risks under control over the work .

The projects monitored and controlled by Gisystems exceed U.S. $ 2,000 million , and we have satisfied over 400 projects simultaneously to the same customer .

All our project management processes falls under the ISO 9001 quality standard .


  • Environmental Monitoring and tracking
  • Work supervision
  • Information systems
  • Costs and budgets
  • Construction and architectural projects supervision
  • Work supervision