Design of the Pavement Structure of the Road between ROSEAU and the MEVILLE HALL airport (41 kms), and study and recommendations for the stability of slopes affected by the passage of Hurricane DEAN


Type of project:



Hurricane Dean devastated the island of Dominica in 2007 causing numerous damages to the road infrastructure that manifested itself in landslides, silting of channels, deterioration of river banks, and the cutting of access to bridges, as well as damage to pavements.

The work carried out by Gisystems consisted of the design of the pavement structure along 41 kms including improvements to the alignment and widening of the road to expand the rolling section. This widening of the road considered the cutting of numerous slopes.

In addition, the project encompasses the study and recommendations for the stability of slopes along the road. For this, numerous retaining walls of various types were designed, the design of terraces on the slopes, and the protection of banks in the rivers.