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Site verification and monitoring software (web and mobile) - SAAS

Elephant is an application that will allow you to remotely control one or multiple projects simultaneously, with immediate updates, to ensure that each of the activities is completed with the expected quality and time.

Mobile apps developed to measure for different areas

The advancement of technology has motivated the use of the Internet in all spheres of business, industry, etc. Gisystems offers its customers an IT department, with highly qualified professionals in the development of applications for the control, registration, execution, monitoring, administration and monitoring of projects through web technology. These adapt to the type of project and the particular requirements of the client, both for continuous monitoring of the works and for consultation.

The systems developed allow everyone involved to have real-time, easy, and quick access from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to the project’s data.

Gisystems has developed and implemented applications for the following areas:

  • • Supervision and monitoring of civil works.
  • • Control and monitoring of municipal services.
  • • Road infrastructure inventory
  • • Inventory of municipal / public infrastructure (Roads, bridges, schools, buildings, walkways, markets, electric power and lighting poles, advertising, drains, treatment plants, sidewalks, parks and their furniture, green areas, street sales, etc.).
  • • Road infrastructure management
  • • Municipal infrastructure management
  • Cadastre update
  • • Surveys in different areas such as tourism, public services, etc.
Control and monitoring equipment

Drones, Time lapse cameras, High definition film cameras (2D, 3D or 360°), Global positioning systems

Projects where this service was provided:

2022 - 2024