Our tools

We have innovative and avant-garde tools for the provision of our services, thus guaranteeing our clients solutions according to today’s technological innovations that translate into immediate benefits.

Our company has been developing its own project management and control systems for more than 15 years. This allows us to accommodate each solution to each specific project and client, and not use shelving solutions that do not always provide the expected complete solution.

The company has several drones that are used for monitoring works, as well as for topographic measurement for purposes of design, control and estimation of quantities of works.

This Israeli technology system consists of a vehicle with 3 cameras that film and develop a type of x-ray image of the damage observed in the pavements.

With this tool we carry out maintenance planning, as well as assesing quality control of the works or for the finalization and hand-over of the projects.

The platform can be implemented as a means of consultation to enhance the information management for decision makers and administrators of the information that you want to publish through the web.

This system allows the registration of urban goods that are on the road.

The laboratory is used for quality control and assurance processes in the construction of all types of civil works such as buildings and roads.