Technical services and field work

Control and Monitoring of Municipal Services
Road evaluation: PCI, IRI, Core extraction, field and laboratory quality control and assurance
Emergency and Natural Disaster Management

After the occurrence of Hurricane Stan (2005), Agatha (2009), 12E (2010), and the earthquake in San Marcos (2012), the government of Guatemala sought the support of Gisystems for the implementation of a multi-project monitoring process. The process developed allowed simultaneous monitoring of more than 200 civil works projects, providing film, photographic and numerical information on the progress of the projects.

The project monitoring and control tool facilitated the evaluation of field actions from the offices, and the making of the correct decisions to make the reconstruction process viable in the deadlines, amounts and quality set.

In addition, our company worked on the identification of the damages and the valuation of the costs of affecting them.

Survey and statistical analysis (Censuses and surveys)

Gisystems has developed systems for the generation of statistics through the collection of data in forms or digital surveys.

This system facilitates and speeds up the generation of reports, since the information is entered directly into the digital database.

To carry out these tasks, there is data collection equipment in the field of the highest technology that are integrated by specialized software for real-time data recording aimed at online systems that allow immediate consultation on a desktop computer. Through computer applications designed according to the activities of each project, all kinds of informative or statistical reporting can be generated allowing the best decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Topographic survey by means of drones with RTK

Projects where this service was provided:

2019 - 2020