Collection of statistical information with tourists (individuals) senders, receivers at 10 land borders, the international airport “La Aurora” and the ports that receive cruise ships.



2013 - 2015

The project aimed to obtain statistical information to determine and prioritize the resources of the Institute of Tourism (INGUAT), aimed at improving its tourism infrastructure and the impact on it. We sought to determine several indicators such as origin / destination, satisfaction, economic outlay of the tourist, etc.

The study focused on conducting surveys (fieldwork carried out by more than 40 teams of people) of the expenditure of outbound and receiving tourism and the satisfaction survey, the quality control of the information collected, the development of statistical evaluation reports that showed the evolution of representative parameters of the results that were evaluated. The work included supervision and validation services of the tourist expenditure survey and the satisfaction survey.

For this work, a computer data collection platform was implemented in which the system allowed the feeding of the database in real time, with phones and tablets that made it possible to immediately send the information (including the photo of the person being evaluated), and the verification of the location, the date and time in which the survey was answered, using GPSs in order to have accurate data of the people, time and space. In addition, Gisystems developed a web query module to access according to the degree of security. In order to analyze the statistical information collected in real time, the website provided for the generation of managerial reports.