Diagnosis and design for the rehabilitation of roads damaged by Hurricane Maria


The largest hurricane to hit the Caribbean destroyed Dominica’s basic road infrastructure. The damage to the road network required the contracting of road and bridge design services for the main roads in the country, as well as the evaluation and definition of slope stability and the protection of river banks and basins.

The scope of the services was as follows:

  • Field research. Collection of all existing information in the field for the development of the project, such as precipitation, geology, traffic, material banks, etc.
  • Inventory of current condition of roads, through visual inspection of surface damage observed in the pavement. It also includes an inventory of the complementary infrastructure of the road, such as major drainage, minor drainage, walls, etc.
  • Inventory of all risk sites on the roads to be rehabilitated to define works of protection, containment and stability of slopes.
  • Realization of complete topography of the roads to be rehabilitated and specific points of high importance.
  • Estimation of IRI through mobile devices.
  • Field tests to determine the structural capacity of the pavements.
  • Geotechnical study of the roads to be rehabilitated, as well as specific risk sites.
  • Realization of pit-holes to determine the characteristics of the subgrade and existing pavement structure.
  • Analysis of possible alternatives for aligning the roads to be rehabilitated.
  • Environmental impact analysis and mitigation.
  • Geometric design of road rehabilitation.
  • Design of major and minor drainage structures.
  • Design of necessary protection and containment works.
  • Pavement design.
  • A Website and Mobile Application for Inventories and project monitoring was developed and implemented.
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