Engineering services for the evaluation of the road network and realization of vehicle counts and evaluation of the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) in the country’s road network


The objective of the gauging was to update the database of vehicular traffic on the main routes to follow the behavior of vehicular mobility, and in this way make projections in the short and long term that allow improving the communication routes of this part of the road network, and the timely detection of the maintenance and expansion needs of the evaluated routes.

The vehicle count was carried out by means of video footage of the traffic. This method refers to the collection of data on the road, with video cameras to continuously record the components of the traffic flow in the established time, which collects and records the information for storage and subsequent processing in the counting center.

In addition, the inventory of failures in the main road network was carried out by means of mobile devices and moving film cameras. The PCI was estimated and homogeneous sections of similar characteristics were defined with which annual maintenance activities could be planned.

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