Census to update the directory of users of distribution networks of municipal water services in 6 municipalities of Quetzaltenango


The census was conducted in the municipalities of La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango, Salcajá, San Carlos Sija, San Juan Ostuncalco, Sibilia, San Juan Olintepeque and San Mateo in the Department of Quetzaltenango.

The project had the following scope:

  • Quantify the municipal users of the drinking water service.
  • Analyze the number of users of the municipal water service per household.
  • Analyze the type of water use in homes.
  • Carry out the situational analysis of the municipality and elaborate the first approximation by means of a municipal drinking water conduction system (map of the distribution networks).
  • Analysis of the type of water conduction.
  • Determine the type of treatment that water receives from municipal distribution networks.
  • Analysis of the water sources of each municipality.
  • Analysis of hours in which the water service is provided by the municipality.
  • Results of surveys on the perception of users about the quantity and quality of water.
  • Creating a plan of “immediate actions” as a conclusion to the census.
  • Analysis of water quality in municipal sources. Tests were conducted at 50 sources and their farthest points, totaling 100 laboratory tests.

To carry out this census, Gisystems implemented a web and mobile system that allowed the work and products to be carried out in an orderly and efficient manner. This web system made it possible to carry out the work in a short period defined by the client. The solutions implemented are described below in three main groups:

  • Census planning.
  • Conducting censuses in the field.
  • Web portal for monitoring and quality control of the census.

The study was conducted in 35,541 properties.