Update and Maintenance of a Project Monitoring System and Inventories of Municipal Urban Elements in Villa Nueva



2013 - 2019

The municipality of Villa Nueva has more than 1 Million inhabitants, requiring they give provide services to the large population in a variety of areas, infrastructure being one of the most complex. This includes the planning and construction of streets, bridges, lighting, water and drainage, gardening, treatment plants, educational, health and sanitation infrastructure, and the administration of local markets.

To give a quick and efficient response to the control of the projects, Gisystems implemented a system for the inventory of urban infrastructure and the monitoring of municipal projects, facilitating the availability of information immediately and the management of reliable information in decision making. The system provided information in real time, and the service covered the verification of the quality and quantity of the work.

In addition, a municipal management system was implemented that united the different dependencies under the same platform and database. This promoted efficiency through the management of unified information among all dependencies, and the transparency of public spending.

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