Integrated system for the evaluation of roads and pavements

Gisystems has been developing systems and apps for infrastructure and road damage inventory for almost 20 years. These are translated into field apps or systems for the registration of road elements through a post-processing of videos in the office. These systems are complemented by 360º videos, which together with the processed data can be viewed and managed from websites designed by ourselves.

These systems allow, in addition to qualifying and quantifying the damages, to evaluate the Present Condition Index (PCI) of the pavements.


We have an Israeli technology system, which consists of a vehicle with 3 cameras that film and develop a type of x-ray image of the damage observed in the pavements. The system is highly accurate and facilitates a quick post-processing of information, qualifying and quantifying damages in a short time. With the information processed, you can qualify the condition of the pavements, estimate the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), and estimate the amounts of work and budget required for road maintenance.

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