Management and Technical Assistance to the Program for the Reconstruction of Road Infrastructure Damaged by Storm STAN, Phase Three III


Coordination, organization and technical monitoring of the Road Infrastructure Reconstruction Program damaged by Storm Stan in its phase III, which included the pending completion of the reconstruction projects of phase II, plus the projects contracted in phase III.

The work included the Management (audit and monitoring) of the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, bridges, airstrips, river mitigation works and dredging in a total of 122 projects. These included the reconstruction of 11 road sections in 329 kms., 4 of which are extensions of 2 to 4 lanes, and the improvement-rehabilitation of the state of condition of roads; the construction of 5 bridges, the dredging of 14 sections of rivers and the construction of 4 airstrips of 5146 meters in total.

In addition, the state of condition of the road network was evaluated, technical assistance was provided in the planning, prioritization and scheduling of the works. It is supported by the dimensioning of costs and budgets of work.