Management and Technical Assistance to the Reconstruction Program of the General Directorate of Roads for the year 2010


Management and Monitoring of Multi-projects. Design, development and implementation of a control and monitoring system for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads in real time which included web modules for management and monitoring.

Gisystems collaborated in the execution of the support tasks in the coordination, organization and technical monitoring of the Road Infrastructure Reconstruction Program, in relation to the so-called rehabilitation and / or reconstruction projects administered by the General Directorate of Roads, implementing a Management Information System (GIS) that directly allowed to record progress in the field through mobile devices.

Within the Project, the management and monitoring of the construction of 47 special projects (1,588.24 kilometers) belonging to investments made by the General Directorate of Roads -DGC- and that passed under the competence of COVIAL (Maintenance Program by contract) was given, making a verification of the physical progress of the monitored projects and a comparison of the quantities of work executed vs. those reported.