Technical, Financial, Environmental, and Legal Management of the Industrial and Commercial Project “Empresarial El Cortijo II”



2007 - 2008

The project, which was at the time one of the largest industrial-business centers in Central America, constituted the construction of 118 office warehouses, in an area of 15 blocks and with a built area of 120,000 square meters. Due to the large size of the project, it required specialized support from Gisystems, both in the technical area, as well as the financial and contractual follow-up that had to be had with each of the subcontractors, in order to carry out the project successfully and meet its financial and time goals.

The review of architectural and structural designs, preparation of bidding documents (bidding bases, technical specifications and contracts), development of the procurement process, technical supervision (which included quality control and assurance processes), economic and financial control, and monitoring of legal and environmental compliance were carried out. In addition, vehicular gauging and the study of vehicular traffic in the area of influence of the project were carried out.

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