Consulting Services for the Monitoring, Audit and Management of Road Infrastructure Projects


The project consisted of monitoring, auditing, quality assurance, and technical and financial follow-up of the projects financed by the Road Maintenance Unit of the contract maintenance program (COVIAL). The technical assistance to COVIAL included the review of progress and quantities reported by the entity’s supervisors, the registration of incidents in the monitored road sections and the verification of the quality of the materials in the field. As part of the work, samples of executed works were extracted. A total 0f 227 projects were managed.

Project management was carried out through the implementation of real-time information capture systems through applications for mobile devices.• Audit of construction works Web pages for consultation and maintenance of the Project Control System (SICOP) were developed and designed.

In addition, the evaluation of the state of the condition of the road network was carried out by COVIAL, in which Gisystems provided the service of an automated system for the georeferenced registration of all the damages observed on the roads, for its subsequent analysis, and for the determination of the Road Condition Index (PCI).

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